Asphalt Sealcoat Series


The Asphalt Sealcoat tools are attachments to the Brown Blower-Vac.  The Blower-Vac is a commercial-grade ride-on blower and vacuum that is unmatched in its durability, versatility and value. Contractors, large and small, along with municipalities, will immediately recognize this machine’s ability to save money and make short, efficient work of otherwise daunting jobs. A powerful hydrostatic drive, operator-controlled air flow and versatile attachments make this machine an important part of any professional’s line-up.

1-year limited warranty: Commercial and Rental


Heavy duty, all-steel construction


Dual airflow actuators give operator absolute control over air direction


Powerful hydrostatic transaxles provide more than enough power and control


Large, pneumatic rear drive wheels provide ample traction and control over any terrain


Available attachments, such as the 48 inch Rotating Broom for sweeping, or the Parking Lot Curb Forks make this versatile machine, capable of doing a number of jobs.


Forward Speed - 8 mph


Blower Velocity - 160 mph


Blower Volume - 6200 cfm


Model BVZ4001HX

Use as a stand-alone blower or equip with any of our Asphalt Sealcoating Atachments to make sealcoating prep a breeze.

Engine Options: Honda GX690: 22.5hp or Kohler CH752: 27hp
Weight: Approx. 780 Pounds
Length: 64 in.
Width: 43 in.
Height: 53 in.
Drive System: Hydro-Gear ZT-3100 Transaxles
Construction: Structural Steel
Forward Speed: 8 mph
Blower Velocity: 160-165 mph
Blower Volume: 6200-6500 cfm plus
Rear Tires: 20 x 10 x 8 pneumatic
Front Tires: 11 x 4 solid caster

Model ACC160H/

Asphalt Crack Cleaner

The Asphalt Crack Cleaner provides the maneuverability and power you need for preping ashalt for sealcoating.  The Crack Cleaner comes with commercial grade 5.5HP Honda or Kohler engine, tilting head and solid rubber tires.

Engine Options Honda GX160 5.5 HP or Kohler CH255 5.5 HP
Weight 120 lbs
Construction Structural Steel
Depth Control Tension Lever
Brush Size Up to 10 inches
Brush Mount 1/2 inch Grade 8 Bolt
Tires Steel with 9″ Solid Rubber


For Models BVZ4000HX and BVZ4000K Ride on Blower-Vac

Model SBAB954ALU

Lateral Brush

9″ Tall, 54″ Wide, All Steel Bristles

Model PLCF4260

Parking Lot Curb Forks

Adjustable width from 42″ to 60″

Model AB2548Y

Asphalt Broom

25″ diameter, 48″ wide
10 hp Yamaha Engine

Model SBAB915ALU

Longitudinal Brush

9″ Tall, 15″ Long, All Steel Bristles

Asphalt Equipment

BVZ4000K – Ride-On Blower-Vac, Kohler, CH752 (27HP) V-Twin (w/o Battery)

BVZ4000HX – Ride-On Blower-Vac, Honda, GX690 (22.5HP) V-Twin (w/o Battery)

ALU4000 – Attachment Lift Unit (Required for lateral & longitudinal brushes, curb forks & broom)

PLCF4260 – Parking Lot Curb Forks

SBAB915ALU – Longitudinal Brush 9″ Tall, 15″ Long

SBAB954ALU – Lateral Brush 9″ Tall, 54″ Long

AB2548 Y – Asphalt Broom 25″ dia. – 48″ wide path – 10HP Yamaha Engine

CWK156 – Counter-Weight Kit, Rear (156 Pounds)

TL1225 – Truck Loader, Debris Vacuum – 12′ pu/25′ discharge
FBN4000 – Front Blow Nozzle
ACC160H – Asphalt Crack Cleaner – Honda GX 160 (5.5HP)

ACC175K – Asphalt Crack Cleaner – Kohler CH255 (5.5HP)

250-752 – 8″ Knotted Wire Brush (7/8″ Bore w/ 1/2″, 5/8″ & 3/4″ bushings